The "Andie MacDowell Sucks" Page

Andy MacDowell is the worst actress ever.  She can't even be convincing in a Shampoo Commercial.  She came treacherously close to destroying an entire excellent movie with one line (Four Weddings and a Funeral -- "Is it raining?  I hadn't noticed").  Andie MacDowell is about as animated as a stale piece of melba toast.

Perhaps Orson Scott Card said it best when presenting his 1996 worst actress award:

"...Andie MacDowell in Michael and Multiplicity. It was agonizing watching both Michael Keaton and William Hurt struggle to create a human relationship with this painted stick of an actress."

Pavel Hruza has this to say about Andie on his Andie MacDowell web site:

"Andie MacDowell is much more than only my favourite actress. The first time I have seen her, she charmed me, and I was sure that I have never seen so beautiful woman. To me, she is an evidence that true beauty comes from inside. I admire her for her warmth, soulfulness, inner strength, her natural charm and all that rare qualities which make her so unusually graceful."

Pavel is obviously an ignorant fool.

Andie herself says:

"Acting in Hollywood is just one small side of me. The real me, my favourite me, is the wife and mother who bakes pie and breastfeeds. I find it difficult to accept that I'm a movie star, being put on a pedestal makes me uncomfortable."

This leads me to ponder: I wonder how comfortable she would be in a wooden box with no airholes.andie.jpg (12060 bytes)

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